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Powerful Tools Gratuitement

Centre de téléchargement gratuit

Parfait si vous souhaitez démarrer votre propre entreprise sans ressources énergétiques ou humaines supplémentaires, notre Centre de téléchargement vous permet d'accéder aux informations sur les produits et aux photos SANS LOGO que vous pouvez commencer à vendre immédiatement.

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Si vous possédez votre propre technicien informatique, souhaitez élargir vos catégories de produits ou ouvrir un nouveau magasin en ligne, le programme FocalPrice API est parfait pour vous.
L'intégration du programme API comprend:

FocalPrice Dropshipping API permet d'accéder aux données instantanément

Grâce au système API, vous pouvez
»Freely download images, products information.
»Surveillez l'inventaire des produits, et si nous mettons à jour les informations sur nos produits sur notre site Web, cela se fera automatiquement sur votre site.
»Maintenir votre gestion des commandes complètement sans aucun clic.

100% des offres mensuelles avec grande réduction

Monthly Deals for Drop-shipping clients only are released at the beginning of every month, and more than 100+ items are available with exclusive big discount.

Les plus grands fournisseurs, catégories et produits

Que disent nos clients?

En tant que grand-mère, j'ai construit une entreprise EBay réussie Dropshipping ... Découvrez comment et avec qui ... >>>

My career was actually in teaching, for 29 years; a career I was, and still am, extremely passionate about. My last position was as a Relieving Assistant Principal in a Primary School. During one of my school excursions, accompanying my students, & whilst in charge of the Senior School visiting an end of year Arts Display at the local University, I was to have a freak, & serious, accident that would ultimately change the direction of my life, & health etc, forever…>>> After a number of years, mostly in hospital extremely ill, & with many operations occurring,& having lost my career, health, income &, ultimately the family home, (and now also being disabled), I have NEVER been a person to ever give up. In the good times, I looked at many ways I could again begin to assist my family & the family income, & also feel like I was actually part of the world again. I, ultimately, after a few times of having been taken for an expensive row with supposed successful business opportunities, having gone religiously through their training & costs to find this was definitely NOT true, I found I was able to be very successful at selling items from around my home on eBay, which also helped me to make extra money & assist the family to get through some of the subsequent hard times that had occurred for all members of my family as a result of this accident. I started selling a wide variety of different items that covered many varied eBay categories and found I was earning a fairly good amount of money each week, but the packaging & posting of the items were taking a very heavy toll on my condition. I also realised I was going to eventually end up running out of items to sell from around the home, (unless the family were all going to end up without any furniture/clothing etc left at all), & my husband was, & had always been, working full time, so for me to continue to package items, and take them to the Post Office for shipment was really affecting my disability/ pain/ walking/ health quite considerably. I knew I needed to find another way of working my eBay business (if it existed?), that would enable me to continue working eBay that I had definitely found I really loved doing, and also had found I was very good at this; but I knew it would have to be something that did not entail me having to continue to package/ travel etc. Around this time, as if a gift from a higher source showed itself at the right time, I was to fortunate to meet a wonderful person who availed me of the opportunity to learn, & implement, Dropshipping as a method for continuing to build my eBay business. I found it was exactly what I was looking for. It was during this initial learning & implementing time I was introduced to FocalPrice as a Dropshipping provider availing itself to me with an outstanding record to date. I have worked with them extremely successfully now for just on 3 years. With FocalPrice's incredible assistance & support,I have them Dropship a wide variety of products for me that cover a wide spectrum of different categories across eBay, & they deliver these products to my valued eBay customers for me all around the world. I have 4 IDs on eBay & they are all Top Seller/ PowerSeller & 100% feedback score in all 4 IDs, awarded to me by eBay, & of which I am very proud indeed. I have worked very successfully with around 5000 valued customers during the last 3 years (3 of these IDs having commenced only 1 year ago), resulting in the proud receipt of over 2700 positive feedbacks to date across all 4 IDs. To DropShip successfully, one needs to find truly excellent suppliers, and I know I have found the best out there. My experience, and knowledge, have continued to grow, & I have the greatest faith in FocalPrice as an excellent company that extends Dropshipping as one of its options for people to build a very successful business. Their support is truly outstanding, as are their products, shipping times and packaging etc. I feel extremely fortunate indeed to have found Dropshipping & Focal Price & continue to list new products from them all the time. Having had experience in listing in a wide variety of categories on eBay, this all has given me the excellent opportunity to continue to list many, many different items on eBay that cover a wide spectrum, and hence enables me to continue to gain more and more extensive knowledge of these items to impart to my valued customers. If I have concerns at all about questions customers are asking I am able to get the answer to those questions almost immediately to give back to my customers because of their brilliant online service to me. If one category is not selling due to seasonal issues/stock/ not popular at a particular time, I do not have to concern myself about this as I always have a wide variety of other products listed that do successfully fill these situations. I don't need to have space at home for storage of products at all. I don't need to take my own photos. I don't need to iron items. I don't need to package items, nor purchase special products for the packaging of items such as stamps/ postal envelopes/ bubble wrap etc. I don't need to go to the Post Office with loads of items for shipment. I offer free shipment which is extremely sought after as postal costs to deliver to customers all around the world can be extremely expensive. My items are also excellently priced as FocalPrice items are fairly priced indeed for such brilliant products. My aim is to have 300 items selling in each of my IDs & I is also listing on my new BVD site - http://www.bigvaluedepot.com/WorldWide_Warehouse_GroupStore and I know FocalPrice will continue to assist me professionally and caringly to do so. I really and truly consider myself to be in an extremely fortunate place. Thanks heaps & heaps FocalPrice!

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